Depression increases urological tumors

Depression increases urological tumors

- March 13, 2016

The relation between diabetes and depression is well known to psychiatrists. More than 7% of people who suffer a heart attack develop, after about two years  a severe depressive episode. Now, has been recognized also an association between psyche and urological diseases.

A recent study, which involved 60,000 people with depression or anxiety, demonstrated that for these patients was a probability above 4% to develop urinary tract cancer.

This thesis is supported by the Italian Society of Psychiatry which with the cooperation of general practitioners, cardiologists, diabetologists, oncologists, urologists and other specialties identified the interaction between depressive disorders and other issues. The problem is that only 1 in 3 persons with mental disorders asks and accepts treatment, so there are many people that suffer depression and risk other complications for not getting treated.


Written by Giam Pharma

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