Caution & Advices

Hemospermia: Causes

Most of the time the hemospermia depends on inflammatory phenomena of the prostate (prostatitis) and / or of the seminal vesicles (vescicoliti) and then by the rupture of the veins of this gland, made even more fragile by inflammation but hardly is indicative of a tumor.

Hemospermia: Caution & Advices

In case of hemospermia would be better to refrain from taking white wine, spirits, beer, spices, chilli, bicycle and restrict the use of the bike.

For the purpose, however, a more rapid healing and the cessation of the disturbance becomes important the assumption of elements that can promote the protection of the vessels as diosmin and Centella in that, both at the level of the prostate that of the bladder neck, just due to inflammation , the vessels are always more fragile and therefore more easily bleeding.


Hemospermia: Investigationes

In these cases as well all’urincoltura would be advisable to carry out the semen culture, the Stamey test (cultivation analysis of urine before and after prostatic massage), buffers for the search for common germs, Chlamydia, and Ureoplasma Urelyticum.

But when the noise persists for a long time, or the history is suspect, then it would be better to search for the Koch bacillus to exclude tuberculosis of the genital tract, even in the absence of specific disorders.

In contrast calcifications inside the prostate gland does not represent the cause of the perpetuation dell’emospermia but a healing process by an infection. We should also pay attention to the blood coagulation: in fact, if you take blood thinners (Coumadin) or antiplatelet (aspirin) coagulation parameters are altered in order to prevent bleeding and thromboembolic phenomena can also be observed as a result of a simple orgasm.