Induratio Penis Plastica

Induratio Penis Plastica: What it is

Induratio Penis Plastica or Peyronie’s disease is often asymptomatic and therefore does not create any disturbance in the early stages, however, is always appreciated by palpation the hallmark of the disease, the nodule or plaque of the penis.
The most frequent localization of the nodule is the dorsal surface (top). Erect the penis plastic induratio may be accompanied by pain at the nodule, or always bowing at the nodulo.Nelle more advanced stages in which hardening is extended to ever larger areas dell’albuginea pathology can give deformities penis, a reduction in penis size to reduced elasticity and even erectile dysfunction

How to recognize: the characteristic element is the plaque or nodule. On palpation can appreciate a nodule with increased thickness, sometimes painful. So the visit is the fundamental tool to recognize this condition.

Induratio penis plastica

Induratio Penis Plastica: How does it manifest

The main therapy for Induratio or Peyronie’s disease is surgery that is reserved for cases in which there is a penile curvature that makes it difficult to reports.

Surgery is only meant to correct a curvature and where possible, with the latest techniques to correct a deformity; It does not have to remove plaque as is commonly believed. Remove plaque in fact, especially if this is extended may result in a damage of erectile function.

There are two groups of techniques:

  • the corporoplasty techniques with which you practice a shortening from the side opposite to that of inflection;
  • the plate of surgery techniques: with these techniques the plaque is incised and retracted into the defect that is created is grafted a patch which fills the defect itself. The patch or graft may be, autologous, the patient himself, for example, saphenous vein taken from the leg or heterologous material, foreign to the patient, such as bovine collagen matrix, which are taken from animals and suitably treated so as to ensure maximum safety to discards, infection or other complications. With plaque surgery techniques you get a penis enlargement.

Induratio Penis Plastica: Therapy

Where the crops can be isolated the presence of pathogenic strains within the prostatic secretions, both in the acute or chronic prostatitis therapy will obviously be targeted (cotrimoxazole and fluoroquinolones are the most used molecules), of variable duration between 7 and 30 days, with subsequent seriated controls of prostatic fluid. 

Medical therapy should be recommended and prescribed only by the doctor.

positive effects have been reported, also, with herbal medicine although these aspects, for many phytotherapeutic, still require the accurate evaluation of prospective studies to determine a precise indication. Instead there are many studies about the serenoa.

Hygienic – Dietary rules:

  • First you need to regularize the intestines as many times prostatitis derives from episodes of diarrhea or constipation
  • Avoid the use of the motorbike, bicycle and long car trips
  • Avoid coitus interruptus
  • Avoid spicy foods and spices
  • Avoid alcohol, spirits and beer