Is it possible that I have low testosterone?

- February 28, 2016

Question: I am a 21-year-old guy and for some time now I have noticed a decrease in my sexual drive and in the tone of the genitals , also my voice is slightly lower. I should say also that in the last two years I had an unhealthy lifestyle that concluded with a phase of depression. I am asking you what can I do and how to do things to restore the normal levels thanks.
Answer: First of all the testosterone deficiency must be proved with a blood test which measures total and free testosterone. When the deficit is real this can be responsible for the decreased sex drive, potency but also the reduction of muscle tone and fatigue, of weight gain, rising cholesterol and decreased attention. Your symptoms are too unspecific that’s why, before any treatment is always necessary to determine the actual levels of the hormone in the body.



Prof. Aldo Franco De Rose 

Specialist in Urology and Andrology


Written by Giam Pharma