Suppositories that support prostate health

MICTAPROX is a Medical Device made from plant extracts useful as an adjuvant for treatments aimed at maintaining the physiological properties of the prostate, or treatments known for their beneficial properties on the physiological functions of the urinary tract. As a treatment for the  benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and for the pelvic congestion syndrome. Recently the product has proved to be able to adjust urination in patients with micturition disorders. Such plant extracts also bring valuable benefits to whom is suffering either acute or chronic pelvic congestions and is also useful in case of mild constipation. 

How  to use: It is recommended to take one suppository per day, preferably in the evening, prior to normal sleeping hours. To ensure better effects it is recommended that the Medical Device is applied correctly. It is initially advisable to use the intended minimum dose. It is recalled that a diet rich in liquids facilitates the effects of the product.

Prostate health

Prostatitis: What it is

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland and it has its highest incidence in the third and fourth decade of life, affecting every year, about a third of the male population.
Generally, prostatitis is caused by infectious factors, though not to be underestimated elements of a general nature such as stress and smoking, abuse of alcohol and spicy foods, bowel dysfunction, disorderly sexual activity, sedentary lifestyle and the local order as microtrauma perineal due to cycling, horseback riding, long journeys by car and motorcycle.