Music is good for the brain

Music is good for the brain

- January 11, 2016

Nowadays, thanks to the new technologies, the music is the background to most of our days. It is an art that gives pleasure, stimulates memories, makes us experience emotions and often helps us concentrate. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the auditory system, responsible for collecting the external sound stimuli, is so close to the brain.

Theirs is a continuous interaction, a coding and decoding process invaluable to our well-being that, for this, also must be preserved thanks to a correct and continuous stimulation.

“The brain is the essence of our person and our life and the more our life is full of relationships, emotions, contacts and stimuli, the better is for the brain”, says Prof. Giancarlo Comi, Director of the Department of Neurology and Institute of Experimental Neurology (INSPE) at the Scientific Institute San Raffaele, University Vita-Salute in Milan. “Among these stimuli the sound is definitely one of the most important and scientific research confirms this, for the better cognitive aging and also in the presence of diseases such as neurodegenerative diseases, multiple sclerosis in the first place.”

Written by Giam Pharma