Giam Pharma Plasters

Our Adhesive Bandages:

 -are dermatologically tested

-are hypoallergenic

-are protective

-come in various formats.

elastic plasters


26 pcs

Giam Pharma ELASTIC plasters are made of cotton.
This traditional material can be elastic or can stretch depending on its use.
Suitable for all skin types and suitable to protect small wounds, the ELASTIC plasters are breathable and use an advances technology that allows the plaster to remain in position and are easy to remove.

Classic Plasters


15 pcs

Giam Pharma CLASSIC plasters are made of polyethylene (PE). This elastic material, makes our CLASSIC plasters suitable for all skin types and suitable to protect all small wounds.

Made of breathable material, in skin color. Due to the high adhesive power, the plasters stay in place while keeping the wound protected.

Kids plasters


20 pcs

Giam Pharma CHILDREN plasters are specially designed to protect minor wounds in children. The adhesive bandages have fun colours and characters. They are made of:  white polyethylene, decorated with fun characters transparent polyurethane, so the bandage is invisible and creates a magical tattoo effect on the skin. They are breathable and protect children’s wounds.

Water resistant plasters

Water Resistent

15 pcs

Giam Pharma WATER RESISTENT Plasters are made of transparent polyurethane (PU).
This material offers is water-resistant, flexible and adaptable.
Due to the high adhesive power, the plasters remain in place protecting small wounds. Suitable for all skin types, are extra thin , almost “invisible”. They are transparent.