Food supplement for relaxation while sleeping and mental well-being

SEROPLAN is a food supplement based on Magnesium, Theanine and vegetable ingredients. Griffonia favours the mood, promotes the relaxation while sleeping and the mental well-being. Griffonia contributes to the control of the sense of hunger. The Magnesium contributes to a normal energy metabolism, to the reduction of weariness and fatigue. The Magnesium contributes to the normal psychological function. 

Warning: Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended intake. Keep away from children under 3 years old. Keep the product in a cool and dry place. Do not take while pregnant and do not give it to children, or however for extended periods of time without referring to a physician




Griffonia semi dry extract


Pack of 30 tablets

Weight unit

Net weight 19.2 g 


Depression increases urological tumors

The relation between diabetes and depression is well known to psychiatrists. More than 7% of people who suffer a heart attack develop, after about two years a severe depressive episode.

Now, has been recognized also an association between psyche and urological diseases. A recent study, which involved 60,000 people with depression or anxiety, demonstrated that for these patients was  a probability above 4% to develop urinary tract cancer.  

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