For: Men 40+    

   Suppositories based on natural plant extracts wich help to maintain the proper functioning of the prostate and its properties.

   Plant extracts are also known for having beneficial properties to normalize the functioning of the urinary tract in cases of cystitis, urethritis, or difficulty urinating.

   Gives significant relieve for those who suffer from acute or chronic congestion in the small pelvis.

   Mictaprox can be used for a short time as a soft constipation' treatment also.


Each box of Mictaprox containes 10 (2 blisters for 5) suppositories /2 g.


  • Hesperidin Complex

  • Boswellia

  • Extract of french pine 

  • Lycopene 

  • Serenoa Extract (Serenoa Repens)

Mode of application:

1 suppository per day rectally, preferably before bedtime.

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