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Collaboration with Allopharm

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Medicine of the Future: Strong Anti-tumor Effect of Therapeutic Vaccine based on peptide complex Allomedine

A contract agreement has been signed with the biotechnological company Allofarm (Russian Federation) lead by world-famous scientist and inventor professor Chernysh. We are proud to start a collaboration on Allomedine project and other very promising biotechnology innovations.

Allomedine is a trade mark of the preparation developed by Allopharm Ltd in order to protect skin and mucous tunics against viral infections and registered now as skin care product. It is useful both in Medicine and personal care, especially in persons experiencing herpes simplex (HSV) and human papilloma virus (HPV) infections, including high-oncogen 16th and 18th types. Since HSV and HPV infections start and finish their life cycles in the epithelial cells, management of skin and mucous tunics antiviral immunity became a key helth care problem.

Active principle of Allomedin is Allostatine, an innovative peptidic molecule stimulating immune cells, particularly Natural Killer (NK) and T- lymphocytes, to recognize and eliminate infected cells, block virus proliferation and restore skin or mucosa healthy state.

During the tests, Allostatine has demonstrated strong anti-tumor effect in injections or transdermal administration (therapeutic vaccine), particularly effective against lung cancer.

Moreover antiviral activity, allostatin suppress local inflammatory reaction and replace it by more effecting and less damaging reaction of innate immunity. Combination of antiviral and antinflammatory activities in one molecule is a unique property of Allostatine, which is not peculiar to currently available medicine and skin care products.

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