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New hope for lung-cancer treatment

GiamPharma has invested into Calyx progect. Maybe most promising progect on market

In December 2018, GiamPharma signed a four-sided contract that aims to develop, perhaps the most promising medical project, a breakthrough in cancer therapy. Its inventors and experts agree that Calix[n]pyrrole-based anti-cancer compounds can be a new hope for Thousands of patients worldwide.

According to the WHO, 18 million cancer cases occur annually in the world, and about 10 million deaths caused by cancer are recorded in 2018, and WHO forecasts that around 20 new cancer cases will be diagnosed annually by 2040.

Cancers of the lung, female breast, and colorectum are the top 3 cancer types in terms of incidence. Together, these three cancer types are responsible for 1/3 of the cancer incidence and mortality burden worldwide. Lung cancer is also responsible for the largest number of deaths (1.8 million deaths, 18.4% of the total), because of the poor prognosis for this cancer worldwide

We see our mission in the development of this project. The new drug is effective against tumors and metastases and is non-toxic to healthy cells. We have a lot of work ahead in organizing clinical trials and promoting the drug on the global medical market.

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