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    Giam Pharma focuses the energy on P4 approach to make medicine more Predictive, Preventive, Personalised and Participatory. There are three major objectives: improving wellness, predicting and preventing  diseases.
   P4 medicine aims to be able to detect and treat diseases before disease's symptoms appear, takes care of the people's  health and tries to avoid the pathologies. 

    Giam Pharma and many experts consider P4 medicine as an important field for research and development, that's why our products pipeline covers perfectly all of the P4 caratteristics. 
       P4 medicine aims to be able to detect and treat perturbations in healthy people long before disease symptoms appear, thus optimizing the wellness of individuals and avoiding disease. P4 medicine represents a move away from models of reacting to illness to maintaining health across the lifespan.
     Giam Pharma wants to provide to its patients with dedicated solutions to improve their quality of life, by sustaining a daily connection with them and developing periodic treatments with  no (or minimum) unpalatable side effects and no interference with conventional drugs.
    Giam Pharma wants also develop, produce and market innovative therapeutic solutions in the area of ​​health and well-being of the each person.




     For prostate and urinary tract disorders. 


    Natural, effective, safe 

    More then 200 000 packs are sold in Europe, Middle East and North Africa

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    Developing new classes of grugs is an absolutelly priority of GiamPharma.

   Calix is our most promising project.

In preclinical trials it has shown incredibly strong antitumor activity and very low toxity, what inspires us to continue ...

   Calix  is an a new class of macrocyclic compounds based on Calix[n]pyrroles.

   Calix has demostrated an ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, it can play the key-role in treatment the Brain tumors and brain metastases.

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   Food and Dietetic 

Suppliments for really long and healthy life.

    100% bio,

      100% quality

 Giam Pharma produces very wide spectrum of top-quality natural

bio-cosmetic for all the skin and hair types.

Rich of organic CBD oil

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